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Drugs have  become a perceived solution to many problems in life. People start using as an activity to spend some time with friends but soon find solace in drugs when they are going through a rough phase. It is important to understand that drugs are not the solution to the setbacks in life. The following are some of the problems you might be trying to solve through drugs:


Anxiety disorders can be crippling. When they get worse and start hindering your daily life, you try feeling relaxed through substance abuse and alcohol consumption. This is a false sense of security that makes you feel calm, and allows you to think that you have solved the problem of anxiety attacks with the best solution – drugs.


Depression can make you feel isolated and lonely. It can also make you feel as though all hope is lost. In such times, people succumb to substance abuse since it helps them enjoy a psychedelic world that takes them far from real world and their problems.


Having family and friends in your life can help you with leading a meaningful life filled with love and joy. Feeling alone is not at all healthy for anyone. Such issues can lead you to surrender to drugs since they make you feel good about yourself while you are high.


A lack of self-esteem can hinder your ability to make good choices. Often, when you do not feel good about yourself, you rely on the things that do make you feel good – drugs. Having low self-esteem is a common problem among addicts.


Life comes with a myriad of challenges. Everyone must learn to cope with these challenges as well as their own emotions. Not being able to do so can lead to displacing your feelings onto other things, and constantly being on the hunt for escape mechanisms. Drugs are a commonly used escape mechanism in such scenarios.

At Mind Healers, we understand that drugs are the perceived solution to your problems, and not the problems themselves. It is important to address the underlying issues through therapy to have a successful recovery.

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