Our Process

Our Process

In today’s time, it is imperative to understand the difference between sobriety & abstinence because there are a lot of misconceptions in the minds of families and individuals suffering from substance abuse or even mental health disorder.

  • Any rehabilitation center can provide you abstinence.
  • mind healers empowers you to choose life over darkness.
  • We eradicate the wrong notions which create doubt.
  • We help create a new belief system/ values/ focus on family participation.
  • We show you how to establish meaningful relationships.
  • Reintegrating the individual and giving him room to make mistakes so that he understands the value of doing the right thing eventually.
  • Redefining fun without mood and mind altering substances.
  • We just don’t follow a routine, we hardwire a way of living.
  • The importance of staying connected and understanding our individual addictive personality is the key ingredient of sobriety.

How It works/ Our method

Using various time-tested techniques of identification, treatment and recovery, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychoanalysis, we dial back all the way to the root cause of why the addiction manifested at all.

Our therapy methodology transcends the prevailing myth of substance abuse being the cause of an unhappy and an unproductive life and offers tailored tools to help individuals develop comfort with their realities as it is the inherent discomfort with one’s reality coupled with an addictive personality that is the heart of addiction.

Insights provided throughout the therapy enable our experts to chart out a personalised path for the recovery for each individual, with the end goal being a promised life long journey of sobriety, happiness and productivity.

Substance addiction and abuse has scientifically recognised cognitive, behavioral, and physiological characteristics that make quitting hard, despite knowledge of the consequences. It has been proven that even after the individual has stopped using drugs, alterations caused in the brain’s biochemistry, due to chronic usage, take months and sometimes years to normalise.

Therefore, treatment must last long enough to produce stable behavioral changes. mind healers counts success only when the individual, after his treatment, leads a substance free, productive and sober lifestyle.

Conditioning plays a major role in any human being’s life, specially for those who have been using substance or even for those who feel depressed or anxious even without understanding why they feel a certain way. mind healers helps you gain your self-esteem through a deep understanding of an individual’s emotional trigger points, family dynamics and other important aspects of his or her reality.

The reason why we are addicted is because somewhere we are not comfortable with ourselves and our only way of being comfortable is by getting high because that’s the time we connect.

Let mind healers help you connect back to your roots and wire a process that helps you understand yourself and life better.

Counselling sessions may not always meet your expectation level, and your concerns may become pronounced at different instances. The sessions are individually tailored to develop your life management skills and ensure the effective introduction of healthy coping mechanisms. The success of the sessions will depend on the nature of your commitment to the sessions and the extent of your concerns. The vendor’s approach to therapy is influenced to a great degree by his personal experiences, including working with individuals in recovery and with mental health concerns.

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