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How is Addiction a Learnt Behaviour?

Many people believe that addiction is related to will power but that is not true. Addiction is a learned behaviour. Now you may be wondering how can someone learn to be an addict? After all, society teaches us that drugs/excess alcohol are bad for us. So where does learning come into the picture? When you use a substance, the first…

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What is Conditioning?

Conditioning is a form of learning. In a psychological sense, conditioning refers to the way you respond to a stimulus. Why is this relevant to you? It is relevant because conditioning plays a great role in the lives of an addict. Consider this: Do you have a specific ‘ritual’ that you like to follow? Like a joint while waiting for…

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A Quick Tour of Mind Healers: Rehab in Delhi

When people think of a rehab in Delhi, sometimes they picture oppressive environments. Many addicts are scared of the idea of rehabilitation. This is because they feel they are being thrown in Jail. At Mind Healers, we want you to understand that rehab is not a punishment. Nor is it a place where your will is taken away from you.…

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What is Mind Healers?

Mind Healers provides counselling for depression, addiction, and other issues. We are a completely voluntary center, which means that you only come here of your own free will. We do not believe in forceful therapies or forceful sobriety. At Mind Healers, we structure our programs according to an individuals reality. Find out more by watching the video below! If you…

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High + Joint = the Secret World of Addicts

To help anyone suffering from addiction, you must understand his or her mind-set. For an addict, two very important words feature all the time in their lives: High and Joint. But what do these words even mean? Let us find out: What is ‘High’? In a nutshell, ‘high’ refers to a different reality. Or, in simpler words, High is any…

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5 Ways to Manage your Cravings

Maintaining a life of sobriety is no joke. It is hard work. When you are sober, it is important to remember that cravings are normal. They will always be a part of your life. Therefore, you should not judge yourself or feel bad when you start craving drugs or alcohol. Instead, you need to learn to manage your cravings in…

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Pot, Pain, and Pleasure!

A pot is a utensil you keep on the stove to cook something. It is also probably one of your earliest teachers about pain. As a child, if you ever touched a hot pot, you faced instant regret. It left your skin searing, and you never touched a hot pot again. Our earliest lessons teach us something crucial: how to…

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Drugs are not the Problem, They are the Solution

People face many hardships in their lives and suffer physically as well as emotionally. Some are able to cope with their hardships and come out triumphantly, and some are not. Those who cannot deal with their problems can go into various mental states that can make their lives chaotic, difficult to understand, and mismanaged. Such situations make people use drugs…

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5 Problems You’re Solving through Drugs

Drugs have  become a perceived solution to many problems in life. People start using as an activity to spend some time with friends but soon find solace in drugs when they are going through a rough phase. It is important to understand that drugs are not the solution to the setbacks in life. The following are some of the problems…

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