About Pranav

About Pranav

Pranav is the founder of mind healers and a mental health therapist. His therapy draws largely from his work with individuals recovering from addiction and mental health issues – he himself is an addict in recovery, and this allows him to understand each individual who is challenging their addiction.

What inspires Pranav to work with individuals is this innate understanding and connection with these individuals who have undergone life journeys which are in many ways similar to his.

Pranav’s personal journey, like all ours, can be traced to his childhood. A sense of unbelonging took root when he was at boarding school, bullied and abused, not able to fit in. In his search to belong, he found himself with his heart broken, engaging in toxic patterns of engagement, abusing mind altering substances, even lying and stealing to feed his habit, just to fit in with a social circle that to him represented success and belonging. It were these childhood years that set him adrift, and he spent them immersed in deep dark rabbit holes of euphoria and suffering.

And in these rabbit holes everything resonated with only one common cause – that despite all these efforts to fit in, I DON’T BELONG HERE was the constant theme in Pranav’s life.

It was a self perpetuating cycle – the louder the noise in his head, the more he wanted to quell this conundrum of drugs and addictive patterns of thinking and the only way out was to get high and be on a trip/ take a trip.

And on this trip, Pranav felt different – he felt connected, like he belonged. And so the trips continued,  each time it needed  more…

Pranav spent over twelve years in this trap – this was his only mission – and the only thing that mattered. Yet Pranav knew that he did not and could not find a way to belong. He even  thought of giving up his life because he could see no way out of this rabbit hole.

Pranav came to value addiction over all else. In this darkness, he did not assign any value to the connections and people who wanted to  be there.

A trip was all he wantd because it felt comfortable and familiar.

After a series of serious accidents, Pranav’s parents were left with no option but to put him away in an involuntary  rehab centre located in Delhi.

Pranav did not take to the rehab initially because he felt tricked, but slowly he came to realize he needed help. The rehab emphasised that drugs were the problem and used the 12 step programme. Pranav still remained committed and finished his 6-month long programme.

The 6 months were mostly times of confusion and inept counseling to address his concerns and Pranav’s addiction lingered and within a week of returning he was back to using. This time the using had different dimensions because he had access to more money.

Over the course of the next year, Pranav realized that he needed help and his journey to recovery started when he left home to meet Dr Yusuf Merchant.

Pranav’s journey on the road to recovery started in the year 2015 ,when he almost ran away from home and went and met Dr Yusuf Merchant who in Pranav’s life played the role of the friend Pranav had always looked for. Qualified to be a doctor, Yusuf Merchant had an ability to relate to and understand Pranav’s misery to a level that after 3.5 years of intense rehabilitation and a superior re-integration process, Pranav understood how deeply he was discomforted by his own presence and had no love for himself.

The only connection Pranav had was drugs and after years of rewiring, Pranav today has set up an institution where each individual is catered to with different tools and cognitive strategies and coping mechanisms to deal with their recurring issues.

Pranav has been associated with leading rehabilitation centers in Delhi as a consultant and has created a support unit which is integrated with his out-patients who he helps through one-on-one and group therapy sessions. He is also a representative at the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council 2017, 2018.

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