Mind healers, drug, depression and research services, is a pioneering mental health service provider, with headquarter in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2017 by Pranav Dhody. Pranav’s biggest source of inspiration is to eliminate the wrong ideas and notions of rehabilitation centres in Delhi, and create a platform where each addictive personality has the right to showcase and understand their problems, rather than being redirected and tagged with different mental health terms.

mind healers is committed to the prevention, response and treatment of substance abuse and mental health and is focused on the rehabilitation of those addicted to mood and mind altering substances.

We offer in person counseling and mental therapy services for individuals and families. We also run a residential program and support structures.

The programme is holistic in its approach and is based on treatment on the physical, mental, social and spiritual planes.

For example:

The substance abuse program is individually tailored and designed around the needs, past usage and family dynamics of the programmers (those who undertake the programme). The course of treatment is determined after a series of detailed psychological assessments and interview with the programmer and family members (where applicable).

At mind healers, we work towards creating a better understanding of addictive behaivours/ patterns/ personalities.

Integration is encouraged via reciprocity and contributive behaviours. Programmers will have the opportunity to both learn from and contribute to existing projects or even design projects in whole or in parts. This practice shall be guided with regular mentoring by experts on board. The greater goal is to encourage rediscovery of skills and enhance social engagement.

At mind healers, we use psychotherapy to simulate a microcosm of the real world. This process enables a strengthening of each individual’s core value system and creates purpose.

Many individuals who experience addiction and/or mental health afflictions have diminished their ability to actualise their maximum potential in different spheres of human life.

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